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M.Y. Agapov

City Clinical Oncology Hospital

N.V. Aleshina

City Clinical Oncological Dispensary

V.V. Arkhipov

Scientific Center for Examination of Medical Devices

A.V. Vanyan

L.G. Sokolov North-West Regional Scientific and Clinical Center

A.A. Vladimirova

Irkutsk Regional Clinical Consultative and Diagnostic Center

Z.V. Galkova

Scientific Research Institute of Healthcare Organization and Medical Management;
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University

E.R. Dvoinikova

Medical Center of the Far Eastern Federal University

O.V. Ivinskaya

Viveya Consultative and Diagnostic Center

E.S. Kochergina

Primorsk Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1

S.M. Lobach

L.G. Sokolov North-West Regional Scientific and Clinical Center

V.G. Neustroev

Irkutsk Regional Clinical Diagnostic Center

A.V. Pyrkh

Viveya Consultative and Diagnostic Center

D.V. Raspereza

L.G. Sokolov North-West Regional Scientific and Clinical Center

K.D. Khalin

Clinical Hospital RZD-Medicine;
Pacific State Medical University

A.P. Tzoy

Center for Personalized Medicine LLC

Colonic perforation due to diagnostic or therapeutic colonoscopy


M.Y. Agapov, N.V. Aleshina, V.V. Arkhipov, A.V. Vanyan, A.A. Vladimirova, Z.V. Galkova, E.R. Dvoinikova, O.V. Ivinskaya, E.S. Kochergina, S.M. Lobach, V.G. Neustroev, A.V. Pyrkh, D.V. Raspereza, K.D. Khalin, A.P. Tzoy

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Agapov MY, Aleshina NV, Arkhipov VV, Vanyan AV, Vladimirova AA, Galkova ZV, Dvoinikova ER, Ivinskaya OV, Kochergina ES, Lobach SM, Neustroev VG, Pyrkh AV, Raspereza DV, Khalin KD, Tzoy AP. Colonic perforation due to diagnostic or therapeutic colonoscopy. Russian Journal of Evidence-Based Gastroenterology. 2021;10(1):5‑10. (In Russ.)

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