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T.V. Klinyshkova

Kafedra akusherstva i ginekologii fakul'teta poslediplomnogo obrazovaniia

D.V. Turchaninov

Kafedra akusherstva i ginekologii fakul'teta poslediplomnogo obrazovaniia Omskoĭ gosudarstvennoĭ meditsinskoĭ akademii

M.S. Buyan

City Clinical Perinatal Center, Omsk, Russia

Epidemiological aspects of cervical cancer


T.V. Klinyshkova, D.V. Turchaninov, M.S. Buyan

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Klinyshkova TV, Turchaninov DV, Buyan MS. Epidemiological aspects of cervical cancer. Russian Bulletin of Obstetrician-Gynecologist. 2018;18(2):22‑26. (In Russ.)

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