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D.V. Rogozhin

Rossiĭskaia detskaia klinicheskaia bol'nitsa, Moskva

I.V. Bulycheva

Moskovskaia gorodskaia klinicheskaia onkologicheskaia bol'nitsa #62

N.E. Kushlinskiĭ

Rossiĭskiĭ onkologicheskiĭ nauchnyĭ tsentr im. N.N. Blokhina RAMN, Moskva

D.M. Konovalov

Federal'nyĭ nauchno-klinicheskiĭ tsentr detskoĭ gematologii, onkologii i immunologii im. Dmitriia Rogacheva, Moskva

A.G. Talalaev

Morozovskaya City Children's Clinical Hospital Moscow Health Department, Moscow, Russia, 119049

V.Iu. Roshchin

Federal'nyĭ nauchnyĭ klinicheskiĭ tsentr detskoĭ gematologii, onkologii i immunologii im. Dmitriia Rogacheva

A.P. Ektova

Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, Moscow

B.L. Kushnir

Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, Moscow

A.S. Kuzin

Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, Moscow

A.A. Bologov

Rossiĭskaja detskaja klinicheskaja bolnitsa Minzdrava RF, Moskva

Osteochondroma in children and adolescents


D.V. Rogozhin, I.V. Bulycheva, N.E. Kushlinskiĭ, D.M. Konovalov, A.G. Talalaev, V.Iu. Roshchin, A.P. Ektova, B.L. Kushnir, A.S. Kuzin, A.A. Bologov

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Rogozhin DV, Bulycheva IV, Kushlinskiĭ NE, Konovalov DM, Talalaev AG, Roshchin VIu, Ektova AP, Kushnir BL, Kuzin AS, Bologov AA. Osteochondroma in children and adolescents. Russian Journal of Archive of Pathology. 2015;77(3):37‑40. (In Russ.)

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