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G.A. Frank

Moskovskiĭ nauchno-issledovatel'skiĭ onkologicheskiĭ institut im. P.A. Gertsena Rosmedtekhnologiĭ, Moskva

Yu.Yu. Andreeva

Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education, Ministry of Health of Russia

I.Iu. Vinogradov

GUZ "Riazanskiĭ oblastnoĭ klinicheskiĭ onkologicheskiĭ dispanser"

S.B. Glatko

GBUZ "Omskiĭ klinicheskiĭ onkologicheskiĭ dispanser"

M.Z. Gorelik

GBUZ "Primorskoe kraevoe patologoanatomicheskoe biuro", Vladivostok

L.É. Zavalishina

FGBU "Moskovskiĭ nauchno-issledovatel'skiĭ onkologicheskiĭ institut im. P.A. Gertsena" Minzdravsotsrazvitiia Rossii

E.E. Leenman

FGBU "Rossiĭskiĭ nauchnyĭ tsentr radiologii i khirurgicheskikh tekhnologiĭ" Minzdravsotsrazvitiia Rossii, Sankt-Peterburg

A.É. Matsionis

GBU Rostovskoĭ oblasti "Patologoanatomicheskoe biuro", Rostov-na-Donu

S.V. Petrov

North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Elizabethan hospital, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

S.V. Sazonov

GBUZ SO "Institut meditsinskikh kletochnykh tekhnologiĭ", Ekaterinburg

10 years of testing of the HER2 status in breast cancer in Russia


G.A. Frank, Yu.Yu. Andreeva, I.Iu. Vinogradov, S.B. Glatko, M.Z. Gorelik, L.É. Zavalishina, E.E. Leenman, A.É. Matsionis, S.V. Petrov, S.V. Sazonov

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Frank GA, Andreeva YuYu, Vinogradov IIu, Glatko SB, Gorelik MZ, Zavalishina LÉ, Leenman EE, Matsionis AÉ, Petrov SV, Sazonov SV. 10 years of testing of the HER2 status in breast cancer in Russia. Russian Journal of Archive of Pathology. 2012;74(5):3‑6. (In Russ.)

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