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A.Iu. Ivoĭlov

Moskovskiĭ nauchno-prakticheskiĭ tsentr otorinolaringologii Departamenta zdravookhraneniia Moskvy

E.V. Garov

Moskovskiĭ nauchno-prakticheskiĭ tsentr otorinolaringologii Departamenta zdravookhraneniia Moskvy

I.V. Bodrova

Kafedra luchevoĭ diagnostiki i terapii GBOU VPO "Pervyĭ Moskovskiĭ gosudarstvennyĭ meditsinskiĭ universitet im. I.M. Sechenova"

V.V. Yanovsky

L.I. Sverzhevsky Moscow Research and Practical Centre of Otorhinolaryngology, Moscow Health Department, Moscow, Russia, 117152

P.A. Sudarev

Moskovskiĭ nauchno-prakticheskiĭ tsentr otorinolaringologii im. L.I. Sverzhevskogo Departamenta zdravookhraneniia Moskvy, Moskva, Rossiia, 117152

Z.N. Morozova

Sverzhevsky Research Clinical Institute of Otorhinolaryngology of the Moscow Healthcare Department, Moscow, Russia, 117152

T.G. Martirosyan

Sverzhevskiy’s Otorhinolaryngology Healthcare Research Institute, Moscow, Russia, 117152

Z.S. Ibragimova

E.P. Glinka Republican Pediatric Clinical Hospital, Ministry of Health of the Chechen Republic, Grozny, Russia, 364028

Auditory tube dysfunction in children (literature review, part 1)


A.Iu. Ivoĭlov, E.V. Garov, I.V. Bodrova, V.V. Yanovsky, P.A. Sudarev, Z.N. Morozova, T.G. Martirosyan, Z.S. Ibragimova

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Journal: Russian Bulletin of Otorhinolaryngology. 2020;85(1): 83‑87

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Ivoĭlov AIu, Garov EV, Bodrova IV, Yanovsky VV, Sudarev PA, Morozova ZN, Martirosyan TG, Ibragimova ZS. Auditory tube dysfunction in children (literature review, part 1). Russian Bulletin of Otorhinolaryngology. 2020;85(1):83‑87. (In Russ.)

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