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S.G. Gavrilov

Russian National Research Medical University nabbed after N.I. Pirogov, Moscow, Russia

I.A. Zolotukhin

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia

A.A. Pustovoĭt

Kafedra fakul'tetskoĭ khirurgii lechebnogo fakul'teta Rossiĭskogo gosudarstvennogo meditsinskogo universiteta, Moskva

Does crossectomy in patients with superficial thrombophlebitis prevent pulmonary embolism? (analysis of case reports)


S.G. Gavrilov, I.A. Zolotukhin, A.A. Pustovoĭt

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Journal: Journal of Venous Disorders. 2011;5(4): 88‑90

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Gavrilov SG, Zolotukhin IA, Pustovoĭt AA. Does crossectomy in patients with superficial thrombophlebitis prevent pulmonary embolism? (analysis of case reports). Journal of Venous Disorders. 2011;5(4):88‑90. (In Russ.)

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