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D.A. Tanyanskiy

Institute of Experimental Medicine;
Saint Petersburg State University

P.V. Pigarevsky

Institute of Experimental Medicine

S.V. Maltseva

Institute of Experimental Medicine

A.B. Malashicheva

Institute of Cytology Russian Academy of Science

P.M. Docshin

Almazov National Medical Research Centre

V.E. Uspensky

Almazov National Medical Research Center

A.V. Lizunov

Institute of Experimental Medicine;
Saint Petersburg State University

S.V. Orlov

Acad. I.P. Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia

O.N. Maltseva

Institute of Experimental Medicine

E.V. Ageeva

Institute of Experimental Medicine

A.D. Denisenko

Institute of Experimental Medicine;
Saint Petersburg State University

Adiponectin in normal and atherosclerotic intima of human aorta


D.A. Tanyanskiy, P.V. Pigarevsky, S.V. Maltseva, A.B. Malashicheva, P.M. Docshin, V.E. Uspensky, A.V. Lizunov, S.V. Orlov, O.N. Maltseva, E.V. Ageeva, A.D. Denisenko

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Tanyanskiy DA, Pigarevsky PV, Maltseva SV, Malashicheva AB, Docshin PM, Uspensky VE, Lizunov AV, Orlov SV, Maltseva ON, Ageeva EV, Denisenko AD. Adiponectin in normal and atherosclerotic intima of human aorta. Russian Journal of Archive of Pathology. 2022;84(6):16‑22. (In Russ.)

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