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E.S. Koneva

Center of Restorative Medicine of the 
MEDSI group;
Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

A.S. Mochalova

Group of companies MEDSI

M.S. Suetina

Group of companies MEDSI

I.V. Sidyakina

Group of companies «MEDSI»

T.V. Shapovalenko

Group of companies «MEDSI»

E.S. Vasileva

The first medical and pedagogical center «Lingua Bona»

A.V. Butenko

Petrovsky National Research Centre of Surgery

G.A. Shatveryan

Petrovsky Russian Research Center of Surgery

E.V. Batukhtina

Petrovsky National Research Centre of Surgery

K.V. Kotenko

Russian research center of surgery named after academician B.V. Petrovsky;
The Moscow state medical University named after A.I. Evdokimov of the Ministry of health of Russia

Magnetotherapy in patients with malignant tumors receiving immunotherapy


E.S. Koneva, A.S. Mochalova, M.S. Suetina, I.V. Sidyakina, T.V. Shapovalenko, E.S. Vasileva, A.V. Butenko, G.A. Shatveryan, E.V. Batukhtina, K.V. Kotenko

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Koneva ES, Mochalova AS, Suetina MS, Sidyakina IV, Shapovalenko TV, Vasileva ES, Butenko AV, Shatveryan GA, Batukhtina EV, Kotenko KV. Magnetotherapy in patients with malignant tumors receiving immunotherapy. Problems of Balneology, Physiotherapy and Exercise Therapy. 2022;99(4‑2):51‑60. (In Russ.)

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