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A.A. Fokin

Fakul'tet poslevuzovskogo i dopolnitel'nogo professional'nogo obrazovaniia GBOU "Cheliabinskaia gosudarstvennaia meditsinskaia akademiia" Minzdravsotsrazvitiia Rossii

V.V. Vladimirskiĭ

Otdelenie sosudistoĭ khirurgii Cheliabinskoĭ oblastnoĭ klinicheskoĭ bol'nitsy

S.A. Piskunov

GBUZ Cheliabinskaia oblastnaia klinicheskaia bol'nitsa

A.V. Gasnikov

GBUZ Cheliabinskaia oblastnaia klinicheskaia bol'nitsa

Experience of stenting for coarctation of aorta


A.A. Fokin, V.V. Vladimirskiĭ, S.A. Piskunov, A.V. Gasnikov

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Fokin AA, Vladimirskiĭ VV, Piskunov SA, Gasnikov AV. Experience of stenting for coarctation of aorta. Russian Journal of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery. 2012;5(6):35‑38. (In Russ.)

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