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A.Yu. Yakovlev

Semashko Nizhny Novgorod Regional Clinical Hospital

I.S. Simutis

Sokolov North-Western District Scientific Clinical Center;
Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University

V.S. Afonchikov

Dzhanelidze St. Petersburg Research Institute for Emergency Care

Y.P. Orlov

Omsk State Medical University

A.V. Glushchenko

Omsk State Medical University;
Omsk City Clinical Emergency Hospital No. 1

E.A. Malyshkin

Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital

E.A. Aniskov

Kaluga Regional Clinical Hospital

V.F. Chikaev

Kazan City Clinical Hospital No. 7

M.P. Kamyshenko

Kaliningrad City Clinical Emergency Hospital

I.E. Tumaev

Razumovsky Saratov State Medical University

S.A. Parfenov

North-Western Institute of Management

A.L. Kovalenko

Central State Medical Academy of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation

K.M. Lebedinskii

North-Western State Medical University n.a. Mechnikov, Federal Research;
Clinical Center of Intensive Care Medicine and Rehabilitology

Meglumine sodium succinate for acute pancreatitis (observational study)


A.Yu. Yakovlev, I.S. Simutis, V.S. Afonchikov, Y.P. Orlov, A.V. Glushchenko, E.A. Malyshkin, E.A. Aniskov, V.F. Chikaev, M.P. Kamyshenko, I.E. Tumaev, S.A. Parfenov, A.L. Kovalenko, K.M. Lebedinskii

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Yakovlev AYu, Simutis IS, Afonchikov VS, Orlov YP, Glushchenko AV, Malyshkin EA, Aniskov EA, Chikaev VF, Kamyshenko MP, Tumaev IE, Parfenov SA, Kovalenko AL, Lebedinskii KM. Meglumine sodium succinate for acute pancreatitis (observational study). Russian Journal of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology. 2023;(3):24‑31. (In Russ.)

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