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V.A. Solodkiy

Russian Research Center of Radiology

A.G. Kriger

Russian Research Center of Radiology;
Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

D.S. Gorin

National Medical Research Center of Surgery named after A.V. Vishnevsky of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation

M.V. Dvukhzhilov

Vishnevsky National Medical Research Center of Surgery

G.G. Akhaladze

Russian Research Center for Radiology

S.V. Goncharov

Russian Scientific Center of Roentgenoradiology

V.I. Panteleev

Russian Research Center of Radiology

E.A. Shuinova

Russian Scientific Center of Roentgenoradiology

Pancreaticoduodenectomy — results and prospects (two-center study)


V.A. Solodkiy, A.G. Kriger, D.S. Gorin, M.V. Dvukhzhilov, G.G. Akhaladze, S.V. Goncharov, V.I. Panteleev, E.A. Shuinova

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Journal: Pirogov Russian Journal of Surgery. 2023;(5): 13‑21

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Solodkiy VA, Kriger AG, Gorin DS, Dvukhzhilov MV, Akhaladze GG, Goncharov SV, Panteleev VI, Shuinova EA. Pancreaticoduodenectomy — results and prospects (two-center study). Pirogov Russian Journal of Surgery. 2023;(5):13‑21. (In Russ.)

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