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V.N. Bikmullin

Gorodskaia mnogoprofil'naia bol'nitsa #2, Sankt-Peterburg

O.A. Klitsenko

Kafedra pedagogiki, filosofii i prava Sankt-Peterburgskoĭ meditsinskoĭ akademii poslediplomnogo obrazovaniia

Iu.A. Shulev

Gorodskaia mnogoprofil'naia bol'nitsa #2, Sankt-Peterburg;
Kafedra neĭrokhirurgii Sankt-Peterburgskoĭ gosudarstvennoĭ akademii im. I.I. Mechnikova

Comparative analysis of evaluating criteria for lumbar discectomy success rate


V.N. Bikmullin, O.A. Klitsenko, Iu.A. Shulev

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Journal: Burdenko's Journal of Neurosurgery. 2012;76(6): 28‑35

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Bikmullin VN, Klitsenko OA, Shulev IuA. Comparative analysis of evaluating criteria for lumbar discectomy success rate. Burdenko's Journal of Neurosurgery. 2012;76(6):28‑35. (In Russ.)

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