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D.A. Krivolapova

Krasnov Research Institute of Eye Diseases

A.Yu. Andreev

Krasnov Research Institute of Eye Diseases

E.O. Osidak

Dmitry Rogachev National Medical Research Center Of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology

E.A. Budnikova

Krasnov Research Institute of Eye Diseases

Methods of surgical reconstruction of the conjunctiva


D.A. Krivolapova, A.Yu. Andreev, E.O. Osidak, E.A. Budnikova

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Journal: Russian Annals of Ophthalmology. 2023;139(6): 136‑143

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Krivolapova DA, Andreev AYu, Osidak EO, Budnikova EA. Methods of surgical reconstruction of the conjunctiva. Russian Annals of Ophthalmology. 2023;139(6):136‑143. (In Russ.)

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