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A.I. Babich

I.I. Dzhanelidze Saint Petersburg Research Institute

A.K. Pyzin

Lugansk Republican Clinical Hospital

M.V. Evus

Lugansk Republican Clinical Hospital

Yu.A. Pobedintseva

Kostroma Oncology Dispensary

E.V. Filimonov

Kostroma Oncology Dispensary

O.I. Fesenko

Lugansk Republican Clinical Hospital

V.A. Manukovsky

National Medical Research Center of High Medical Technologies — Vishnevsky Central Military Clinical Hospital

A.E. Demko

St. Petersburg Dzhanelidze Research Institute for Emergency Care

A.N. Tulupov

Dzhanelidze St. Petersburg Research Institute for Emergency Care;
Kirov Military Medical Academy

S.Sh. Tania

I.I. Dzhanelidze Saint Petersburg Research Institute

O.V. Volman

Lugansk Republican Clinical Hospital

A.V. Torba

Lugansk Republican Clinical Hospital

Circular tracheal resection for cancer during parallel blood circulation and extracorporeal oxygenation


A.I. Babich, A.K. Pyzin, M.V. Evus, Yu.A. Pobedintseva, E.V. Filimonov, O.I. Fesenko, V.A. Manukovsky, A.E. Demko, A.N. Tulupov, S.Sh. Tania, O.V. Volman, A.V. Torba

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Journal: P.A. Herzen Journal of Oncology. 2023;12(2): 34‑38

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Babich AI, Pyzin AK, Evus MV, Pobedintseva YuA, Filimonov EV, Fesenko OI, Manukovsky VA, Demko AE, Tulupov AN, Tania SSh, Volman OV, Torba AV. Circular tracheal resection for cancer during parallel blood circulation and extracorporeal oxygenation. P.A. Herzen Journal of Oncology. 2023;12(2):34‑38. (In Russ.)

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