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A.S. Volkov

FGBU Ob''edinennaia bol'nitsa s poliklinikoĭ Upravleniia delami Prezidenta Rossii

M.D. Dibirov

Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I. Evdokimov, City Clinical hospital named after S.I. Spasokukotskyi

A.I. Shimanko

Kafedra khirurgicheskikh bolezneĭ i klinicheskoĭ angiologii

G.S. Rybakov

Chair of Surgical Diseases and Clinical Angiology, Evdokimov Moscow University of Medicine and Dentistry, Moscow, Russia

S.V. Tsuranov

Glavnyĭ klinicheskiĭ gospital' MVD RF

D.S. Tiurin

Kafedra khirurgicheskikh bolezneĭ i klinicheskoĭ angiologii Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo mediko-stomatologicheskogo universiteta

A.Kh. Magdiev

Department of Surgical Diseases and Clinical Angiology, A.I. Evdokmov Moscow State Medical Stomatological University

Iu.G. Sarkisian

Tsentral'naia poliklinika #1 MVD RF, Moskva

Laser Percutaneous Photocoagulation of Facial and Lower Extremities Telangiectasia


A.S. Volkov, M.D. Dibirov, A.I. Shimanko, G.S. Rybakov, S.V. Tsuranov, D.S. Tiurin, A.Kh. Magdiev, Iu.G. Sarkisian

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Journal: Journal of Venous Disorders. 2019;13(1): 52‑59

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Volkov AS, Dibirov MD, Shimanko AI, Rybakov GS, Tsuranov SV, Tiurin DS, Magdiev AKh, Sarkisian IuG. Laser Percutaneous Photocoagulation of Facial and Lower Extremities Telangiectasia. Journal of Venous Disorders. 2019;13(1):52‑59. (In Russ.)

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