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S.S. Korsakov Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry

S.S. Korsakov Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry

The Korsakov’s Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry is one of the oldest medical Russian journals and has been published since 1901. The famous Russian psychiatrists and neurologists, including S.S. Korsakov and A. Ya. Kozhevnikov, contributed to the foundation of the Journal. A wide range of articles and variety of their presentation draw attention of researchers and physicians, experienced and beginning doctors, not only in neurology and psychiatry, but in adjacent fields as well. Many prominent Russian scientists associated with the Journal created the image of the journal of academic and practical information.

Language of publication: Russian. English version of the most interesting articles is marked as En-version and available in free access in PDF.

  • 123
  • years
  • 120
  • issues available
  • 1776
  • articles available
  • ISSN:
  • 1997-7298 (Print)
  • 2309-4729 (Online)
Clinical Guidelines


No. 2‑2

Alifirova VM, Bisaga GN, Boĭko AN, Briukhov VV, Davydovskaya MV, Zakharova MN, Zakharova EV, Malkova NA, Popova EV, Salogub GN, Sivertseva SA, Troshina EA, Khachanova NV, Shmidt TE. Clinical recommendations on the use of alemtuzumab (lemtrada). S.S. Korsakov Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry. 2017;117(2‑2):115‑126. (In Russ.).


No. 10‑2

Alifirova VM, Bakhtiiarova KZ, Belova AN, Bisaga GN, Boĭko AN, Boĭko OV, Vlasov IaV, Volkova LI, Goncharova ZA, Davydovskaya MV, Zakharova MN, Kotov SV, Lashch NIu, Malkova NA, Petrov AM, Popova EV, Sivertseva SA, Sokolova IA, Spirin NN, Stoliarov ID, Streknev AG, Totolian NA, Khachanova NV, Sherman MI, Shmidt TE, Khabirov FA, Iampol'skaia-Gosteva IA. Clinical recommendations on the use of teriflunomide. S.S. Korsakov Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry. 2016;116(10‑2):98‑104. (In Russ.).

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