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A.I. Krukov

Sverzhevsky Moscow Scientific and Practical Othorhinolaryngology Center, Moscow

E.V. Garov

Moskovskiĭ nauchno-prakticheskiĭ tsentr otorinolaringologii Departamenta zdravookhraneniia Moskvy

N.G. Sidorina

Moskovskiĭ nauchno-prakticheskiĭ tsentr otorinolaringologii im. L.I. Sverzhevskogo Departamenta zdravookhraneniia Moskvy, Moskva, Rossiia, 117152

N.R. Akmuldieva

Kafedra otorinolaringologii lechebnogo fakul'teta RNIMU im. N.I. Pirogova Minzdrava Rossii, Moskva, Rossiia, 117997

Eustachian tube dysfunction


A.I. Krukov, E.V. Garov, N.G. Sidorina, N.R. Akmuldieva

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Krukov AI, Garov EV, Sidorina NG, Akmuldieva NR. Eustachian tube dysfunction. Russian Bulletin of Otorhinolaryngology. 2014;(5):80‑84. (In Russ.)

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