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V.A. Shaimova

OOO "Tsentr "Zrenie"

T.B. Shaimov

Iuzhno-Ural'skiĭ gosudarstvennyĭ meditsinskiĭ universitet

R.B. Shaimov

OOO "Tsentr "Zrenie"

É.V. Boĭko

Kafedra oftal'mologii Voenno-meditsinskoĭ akademii im. S.M. Kirova, Sankt-Peterburg

A.S. Zarezina

Chelyabinsk State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia

T.G. Kravchenko

Multidisciplinary center of laser medicine, Chelyabinsk, Russia

A.Iu. Galin

OOO "Tsentr "Zrenie"

S.Kh. Kuchkildina

LLP «CENTER» VISION», Chelyabinsk, Russia

T.A. Shaimova

OOO "Tsentr "Zrenie"

G.V. Aksenfeld

Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Hospital of No. 3, Chelyabinsk, Russia

A.V. Fomin

Research Institute of Eye Diseases

Preventive laser treatment of tractional symptomatic retinal flap tears: long-term outcomes


V.A. Shaimova, T.B. Shaimov, R.B. Shaimov, É.V. Boĭko, A.S. Zarezina, T.G. Kravchenko, A.Iu. Galin, S.Kh. Kuchkildina, T.A. Shaimova, G.V. Aksenfeld, A.V. Fomin

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Journal: Vestnik Oftalmologii. 2020;136(3): 32‑38

Views: 1837

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Shaimova VA, Shaimov TB, Shaimov RB, Boĭko ÉV, Zarezina AS, Kravchenko TG, Galin AIu, Kuchkildina SKh, Shaimova TA, Aksenfeld GV, Fomin AV. Preventive laser treatment of tractional symptomatic retinal flap tears: long-term outcomes. Vestnik Oftalmologii. 2020;136(3):32‑38. (In Russ., In Engl.)

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