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N.L. Sheremet

FGBU "NII glaznykh bolezneĭ" RAMN

N.A. Khanakova

FGBU "NII glaznykh bolezneĭ" RAMN

T.A. Nevinitsyna

FGBU "NII glaznykh bolezneĭ"

P.G. Tsygankova

FGBU "Mediko-geneticheskiĭ nauchnyĭ tsentr RAMN"

Iu.S. Itkis

FGBU "Mediko-geneticheskiĭ nauchnyĭ tsentr" RAMN

T.D. Krylova

FGBU "Mediko-geneticheskiĭ nauchnyĭ tsentr" RAMN

A.N. Loginova

FGBU "Mediko-geneticheskiĭ nauchnyĭ tsentr" RAMN, Moskva

A.L. Chukhrova

FGBU "Mediko-geneticheskiĭ nauchnyĭ tsentr" RAMN, Moskva

L.S. Venkova

FGBU "Institut belka" RAN

D.M. Svistunova

FGBU "Institut belka" RAN

I.S. Chernoivanenko

FGBU "Institut belka" RAN

E.Iu. Zakharova

Mediko-geneticheskiĭ tsentr RAMN

A.V. Poliakov

Mediko-geneticheskiĭ nauchnyĭ tsentr RAMN, Moskva

A.A. Minin

FGBU "Institut belka" RAN

Modern opportunities and prospects for studying pathogenesis, diagnosing and treating hereditary optic neuropathies


N.L. Sheremet, N.A. Khanakova, T.A. Nevinitsyna, P.G. Tsygankova, Iu.S. Itkis, T.D. Krylova, A.N. Loginova, A.L. Chukhrova, L.S. Venkova, D.M. Svistunova, I.S. Chernoivanenko, E.Iu. Zakharova, A.V. Poliakov, A.A. Minin

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Journal: Russian Annals of Ophthalmology. 2014;130(6): 62‑70

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Sheremet NL, Khanakova NA, Nevinitsyna TA, Tsygankova PG, Itkis IuS, Krylova TD, Loginova AN, Chukhrova AL, Venkova LS, Svistunova DM, Chernoivanenko IS, Zakharova EIu, Poliakov AV, Minin AA. Modern opportunities and prospects for studying pathogenesis, diagnosing and treating hereditary optic neuropathies. Russian Annals of Ophthalmology. 2014;130(6):62‑70. (In Russ.)

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